Saturday, May 29, 2010

Historical Storm passes us by

Wednesday a quick moving storm dumped five inches of rain in Springfield, causing extensive flooding and damage...and it passed right over us! We've been selling flowers and strawberries and we're all settling in to sell flowers and produce. The nicest people come in our store - some of them we see every week! It is a pleasure to be at the Apple Barn as summer begins!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Welcome to the Apple Barn Blog! We're excited to share our news with you! This blog will be used as a journal of our year at Apple Barn.

Yesterday we started our day cleaning up after a quick and wicked storm went through the night before. The sky turned green, pea-sized hail came down and the wind was intense. The tornado siren sounded, and the power at our place went off - just in time to miss the Dancing with the Stars finale! No real damage done, however. Just as it was gearing up to be a hot hot day, another storm blew in. But this time it passed right over and went into Springfield. It cooled off for quite some time after - so the guys out in the apple orchard had some relief.

I'll talk to you soon.